GTA 5 DLC - five ways Rockstar could make Los Santos even better

Here's our list of demands, guys - make with the dream-fulfilling

We've been teetering dangerously close to spending more time in Los Santos than the real-world over the last couple of weeks. Ever since GTA Online hit, it's been increasingly difficult to justify gadding about in a reality that doesn't allow you to parachute off mountains into speedboats a daily basis.

As much as we love the game, though, there's always room for improvement and expansion. Rockstar has already confirmed that the first batch of GTA 5 DLC will include a 'beach bum' themed content pack, a Grand Theft Auto spin on the classic Capture the Flag mode and multiplayer heists - all at no extra charge. Generous indeed, but we need more. The developer has often asked fans for their thoughts on post-release support, stating that it "needs your help to make this experience all it can be." Well guys, here's OXM's contribution, five utterly out-there ideas for further DLC packs. No need to credit us - their release will be reward enough.

Bigger, better, multiplayer heists
We're still waiting for multiplayer heists in GTA Online, but if some of the single player examples are anything to go by, they have the potential to be far and away the greatest aspects of an already stellar game. We just love the thought of getting our top men and women together, assigning roles and then splitting up to carry them out exactly on time, or blasting through the front door and bagging as much as we can carry before the cops show up.


There's potential for all sorts of twists and turns. Imagine an opposing team of heisters showing up to spoil your best-laid plans. Imagine one of your trusted colleagues tipping off security in return for a handful of cash. Imagine subsequently putting a huge bounty on that player's head. Imagine everything playing out like the bank robbery from The Dark Knight, in short. The possibilities are both terrifying and ridiculous.

Access to the rest of San Andreas
As huge as Los Santos is, we want more. More land to explore, more sea to scour, and more airspace to fill with burning helicopters. Our top picks for DLC locations would be the other cities in the state of San Andreas - San Fierro and Las Venturas, which are based on real-life San Francisco and Las Vegas, respectively.


If we had to pick one of the above, it'd be the bright lights of Las Venturas - those luxury casinos and hotels awash with high rollers would lend themselves perfectly to a heist straight out of Ocean's Eleven. Or perhaps we could just set ourselves up at a BlackJack table and gamble it all away, before hitting a 24 hour wedding chapel and getting hitched. Hmm, player marriage. That's another add-on feature you might consider, Rockstar.

An Undead Nightmare-style universe reset
We'd love to play a GTA 5 DLC pack modelled on Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, where continuity is thrown out the window in favour of something more frivolous and fun. It's an idea that perhaps has a bit too much in common with Saint's Row, GTA's greatest competitor, but Los Santos seems just the right size and shape for a sudden influx of superheroes.


If you could only choose one super power for that world, what would it be? Flight? The ability to breathe underwater? Invisibility? Super speed or super strength? Teleportation? Super-stretchy limbs. There are tonnes of options. The only difficulty would be coming up with a premise that explains away the millions of new super-powered people. Somehow, I don't think radioactive spider bite or a tanker spill is going to cut it. Oh well. There's always zombies.

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