GTA Online's best-paying missions and how to beat them - the highest cash and Rank payouts

UPDATE: Complete list of rewards now reflects GTA 5 update 1.04

Making money in GTA Online isn't hard - just abduct and sell a few swanky cars - but you might need a bit of assistance if you've got your heart set on the most expensive Los Santos properties. With that in mind, here's a list of the game's missions together with how much money and Crew Rank you'll earn by completing them, plus 10 mini-guides to a selection of lucrative low-to-mid level Jobs for beginner players.

A few pointers before we begin. Firstly, while Rockstar has theoretically patched out the ability to replay missions that are awarded by NPCs, there's a workaround - basically, anybody who joins a mission in progress as the spectator can choose to replay it, so you can still farm these "story" missions for cash if you're prepared to put up with extra hassle. Secondly - if it's general advice you're after, please peruse these GTA Online tips and our piece on how to make a million dollars in GTA Online.

Away we go then. The complete list of missions and payouts is on page two - bear in mind that Rank Point amounts may differ if you've got a full Crew, and that mission rewards are now slashed by 50% when you repeat them. Thanks to the GTA Forums lot for compiling and updating to reflect the most recent patch, to OPM for passing it on, and to Aoife for starting this off.


1. No Hay Bronca - $5,000 (Gerald, level 9)
A fairly low level, relatively high-paying job that involves interrupting a drug deal on gang territory, intercepting the package and delivering it to Gerald's apartment. Provided you play it safe at the meeting point and take out enemies from cover, you shouldn't have many problems, and the mission can be attempted alone if you just fancy a few quick runs.

2. Meth'd Up - $5,000 (Gerald, level 7)
Your task with this one is to boost a caravan turned drug lab from outside town. We advise making sure that every player has a car (and preferably, a chap riding shotgun) - the RV is slow on its hooves, and so you'll need to give it plenty of cover en route to the drop-off point.

3. Caught Napping - $5,000 (Lamar, level 20)
Lamar's friend Leroy from Ballas has been bundled into one of their cars and is being driven around the city - you'll need to catch up with him and extricate him from the gang without getting him shot. Once you grab Leroy, you must escort him back to his store with gangsters in pursuit. This is a much easier mission with one or more people in the car with you, as they can mark a waypoint while you focus on driving, making sure that the car doesn't get too far away.

4. Going down the GOH - $5,000 (Lamar, level 20)
Steal a gas tanker and drive it to the depot. The tank is incredibly slow, unwieldy to drive and highly flammable, so you'll definitely want to ask a friend or two to provide back-up - preferably on motorbikes.


5. San Andreas Seoul - $3,000 (Lamar, level 16)
Another tanker-stealing mission. This should be pretty straightforward, provided you've got the mad wheel skills to negotiate some narrow roads. Don't feel obliged to phone friends - one player should be enough.

6. Out of Court Settlement - $9,000 (Martin, level 22)
Here's a little tip with this one. Before finishing the mission, store the guy's car in your garage, then sell it after completion. It's worth something in the region of $20,000. Not too shabby.

7. Death From Above - $5,000 (Martin, level 24)
The trick to this one is finding a helicopter - the game points you towards a landing strip, but you may have trouble finding a bird. If you're mates with Merryweather, you can pay them $1000 to call in a chopper, then either hitch a ride or kill the pilot and do the flying yourself.


8. A Titan of a Job - $10,000 (Lester, level 24)
You're going to want to take care of the enemies in the hangar before nabbing off with that Titan cargo plane. Don't forget to move all those lorries out of the way before trying to take off. You probably won't need to rush - the guards are few in number, and there's plenty of cover inside the hangar.

9. High Priority Case - $7,000 (Lester, level 25)
Bring a helicopter - you're going to have trouble taking out all the men atop that skyscraper otherwise. For safest results, land on the building next to it and get busy with some sniper rifles. As with other chopper missions, it's a good idea to be on friendly terms with Merryweather, so that you can call in a spare helicopter in the event that yours gets blown up.

10. Cop's Capacity - $5,000 (Lester, level 19)
Another car-jacking Job. As with Out Of Court Settlement, remember to store the car in your garage so you can sell it on after completing the mission - it's worth a not unappetising $16,000.

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