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Eidos Montreal will "overcome fan resistance" to the new Thief with upcoming reveals

"We haven't shown everything we have in our pockets yet."

Concerned about Eidos Montreal's Thief reboot? I'll admit to having a few reservations, as detailed in our latest preview, but that could be no more than a show of my own ignorance. Eidos Montreal producer Joe Khoury reckons fan misgivings have much to do with a shortage of information - and you can look forward to some exciting announcements before release in February.

"I think hopefully, our greatest sense of satisfaction will be when the game's released and that's where we'll overcome fan resistance," he told me after my hands-on. "I think there are a lot of optimistically curious people just as there are some fans who don't know the full extent of what we're doing, so for sure they're basing their impressions on the little information that they have, and that's concerning for them.


"We haven't shown everything we have in our pockets yet. And I think when the game hits the street is when there concerns will be met. We're looking forward to that day. Right now the team's working so hard to bring the game to where it is, taking into consideration everything that everybody's saying."

The new Thief is still fundamentally about the acquisition of glittery things and the avoidance of NPCs, but the new developer has thrown in a few curveballs. In place of the old Hammers, Pagans and Keepers, the City now languishes in the grip of two new factions, the aristos under Baron Northcrest, and the low-born Graven rebels under bearded shouty man Orion. As in Assassin's Creed, you'll perform feats of acrobatics by holding a trigger to engage a high profile movement mode, rather than by way of a traditional jump button.

"When I read a lot of the comments I can see where they're coming from, and I can guarantee that part of that is just 'wait and see, judge for yourself'," Khoury continued. "Hopefully it'll be good. We're fairly confident, but then art is very delicate to judge - it's an opinion.

"There's a lot of people that remember things differently for the first Thief, and what they like about the first Thief games. And hopefully 15 years from now people will be talking about what they remember about this Thief, in comparison to the first Thief! We're reading what they're saying with a lot of care. And what we reveal in the next few months will hopefully cater to some of the questions that they have."

Here's a blog about how the Thief reboot could disappoint if it's too much of a departure. Check out the latest gameplay footage below.