Killer Instinct Xbox One arcade stick gets six sexy new screenshots

Glacius & Sabrewulf & Jago, oh my

It's Friday morning. There's no better time, in my opinion, to view a bit of arcade stick porn. Mad Catz and Double Helix have released no less than six press shots for the upcoming Killer Instinct stick (which Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb shared a picture of earlier this month), so that we can ogle it from all angles, and even take a peek inside its box. Oo-er, missus.

The Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for Xbox One goes on sale on the console's launch day, 22nd November, when Killer Instinct will be immediately available for download. The stick is made from Sanwa Denshi parts and features a classic eight-button Vewlix-style layout. It's also customisable and comes with a screwdriver so you can fiddle around with its insides for that purpose.


Click the images below to start the gallery. What do you think? It's nice, but it is a bit of a sausage fest on there. Currently the stick features Jago, Thunder, Sabrewulf and Glacius. Really, you guys? No B. Orchid? For shame. I'll be customising mine, for sure.

KI fans in the US can now pre-order the stick for $199.99. UK customers will be able to put down cash for one at a GameShark store soon. Check out my hands-on preview for more Killer Instinct info.