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Grand Theft Auto 5 secrets continued: More mysteries, murals and murders

In search of Bigfoot, ghosts, and rideable dinosaurs

GTA V's been out for almost a month now, and in that time, each and every single player mission has been voraciously consumed, every collectible has been collected, and every car has been hijacked, driven, and abandoned as a smoldering pile of scrap metal on a roadside somewhere. And yet, a few of Los Santos' mysteries still remain to haunt and to taunt us.

There's a very weird world out there, chock-full of paranormal goings on, and Franklin's encounters with an imaginary talking dog are just the tip of the iceberg. We uncovered a few of them soon after the game launched, but here are a few further secrets the best and brightest from the internet hive-mind have dug up, including a few that have yet to be completely solved...

The Mount Gordo ghost
Visiting the in-game website,, will give you a bit of background to the letter scraps you collect in relation to the "A Mystery, Solved" achievement. However, another page on the site, entitled 'Blood on the Rocks,' relates to an entirely different San Andrean murder mystery - involving an unfortunate woman named Jolene Cranley-Evans.


In 1978, Evans and her husband, Jock Cranley, who is now a conservative politician and frontrunner for the title of governor of San Andreas, took a walk along the cliffs of Mount Gordo overlooking the lighthouse, and Jolene tragically fell to her death. Visiting that spot in-game between 23:00 and 00:00 and you'll see Jolene's ghost. She won't react to your presence or to being shot at, but she will disappear if you get too close, so take out a sniper scope to see her in a bit more detail. Underneath her on the rocks, the name 'Jock' is written in blood, suggesting Jolene's fate wasn't entirely accidental.

The 'Infinite Eight' Serial Killer

Take a tranquil stroll around Sandy Shores' Senora National Park, and you might find yourself embroiled in the mystery of a bizarre serial killer, who's seemingly obsessed with the number eight. Engraved on a rock in the park, accompanied by a couple of '8' symbols scrawled beside it, is the following rhyme:

One is done,
Two was fun,
Three tried to run,
Four called mom,
Fives not alive,
Six is nix,
Seven's in heaven,
8 won't wait.

For the sake of the bigger picture, I'm going to ignore the fact that 'run' and 'mom' don't strictly rhyme. A better problem to ponder is: where is this mystery murderer now, and is it possible for players to bring him to justice?

The Mount Chiliad mystery, Part II
In our previous GTA V secrets round-up, we touched upon the mysterious mural on Mount Chiliad, which seems to indicate a bigger mystery going on under Los Santos's surface. Part of the mural now seems to have been decoded, in that the lightning surrounding the outline of the mountain points to the necessity of visiting the summit late at night during a thunderstorm to witness the appearance of yet another UFO, which you can't seem to interact with. The decoding of this part of the mural, however, leads conspiracy theorists to believe that other symbols must be similarly broken down before the mystery can be considered solved.

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