Assassin's Creed 4 on Xbox 360 is "absolutely identical" in feel to Xbox One version, insists Ubisoft

It's "super-cool and super-rich" regardless of platform

Fear not, crew of the good ship Xbox 360 - you've got just as much right to fly the Black Flag as your compatriots on those swanky next gen galleons. Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag will look best on Xbox One and PS4, Ubisoft Montreal's lead designer Jean-Sebastien Decant has told OXM, but will be more or less the same game beneath the glitter.

This is true even of Black Flag's rather impressive physics, which allow for opposing ships to grapple and board one another plausibly while riding a turbulent sea. "The water physics and the feel you're going to get are absolutely identical," Decant explained to Log, once our man had gotten his fill of brine. "We're very proud of our current generation version.


"At the moment everybody's obsessed with the new consoles, so we're showing the next gen version, but it's super-cool and super-rich on current gen," he went on. "In terms of specific improvements, yes it's only visual - you have more shaders on the water, more reflections, and we toy with the lighting, but that's it.

"The game started development on current gen, so we thought about it as a transition game," Lacoste confirmed. "So we were exploring next gen technology with our NPCs, and at the same time continuing with what we did before on Assassin's Creed."

Here's Black Flag's creative director Jean Guesdon with a bit more on the subject, via the Xbox NewsWire. "For the moment we're obviously really excited by the additional power we can work with," he commented of the Xbox One version. "Graphically the difference is impressive and is already worth it!

"But in the near future we'll really tackle what these new hardware have to give. The connectivity tools, the more 'open' infrastructure allowing developers to think about experiences that are not anymore confined to the TV and so much more. The difference won't be on horsepower anymore but on real creativity."

Elsewhere in the same piece Guesdon touted the Xbox One version's "better smoke, plant physics, ocean simulation, sails movements [and] incredible forts destruction". Here's a video of the game's "next gen world" in action - Ubisoft hasn't gone into much depth on how representative it is of the Xbox 360 version.