Killer Instinct's Xbox One fight stick revealed, new video breaks down Dojo Mode

Mad Catz working on peripheral, which is expected to ship this winter

Dust off your fight stick shelves, people, and make some room for a new addition. Gaming peripheral company Mad Catz is developing a custom Killer Instinct fight stick for the Xbox One, and it sure is looking purdy.

Earlier this week, Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb tweeted a picture of the fight stick, which was present at a Microsoft meeting he was attending. NeoGAF soon picked up on it, and some users expressed disappointment over the 'washed-out' look of the artwork. Mad Catz' Mark Julio was quick to respond to concerns over the photo, saying "I don't think they took the thin protective sticker off the stick's top panel. So it kinda makes the artwork look washed out. It looks much better in person."


In other news, YouTuber Maximilian has uploaded another exclusive video from his visits to Double Helix. In this latest walkthrough, he's taken through the game's Dojo Mode by KI producer Mike Willette, who shows off just how deep your training can go. Catch the full 11 minute breakdown below.

Anyone else excited for KI? The more I hear, the more I like the sound of how it's shaping up. And whilst we're on the subject, do you favour fight stick or a controller for your fighting games?

Thanks, Polygon.