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Microsoft is "incubating" a number of "primarily cloud-based" Xbox One games

Look at Ascend as an example of a cloud-powered games, says Phil Spencer

The fog is beginning to clear - we're beginning to get a better idea of just what exactly cloud support will mean for our games. Earlier this week, Microsoft's chief platform architect Marc Whitten told IGN that it was "a tool in a toolbox," though the practical applications of this particular tool are still vague at best.

Head of Microsoft Studios Phil Spencer imparted some small new snippets of info on the mythical power of the cloud via Twitter yesterday. In response to the question "will we see full cloud-powered games? I mean, using all the power of the cloud...." asked by Twitter user Joe_GeoThor, Spencer tweeted: "Given local CPU/GPU likely see XBOX One games using local compute but we have things incubating that are primarily cloud based."

When another Twitterer asked what specifically the games 'incubating' would be using cloud for, Spencer told them to "Look at a game like Ascend. Its running as a service with sync and async MP func. That's an example."

This back and forth follows rumours that Microsoft is working on its own version of Gaikai, which will reportedly be able to stream games like Halo 4 direct from the cloud.