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Dead Rising 3's fidelity compares to Uncharted, says Capcom, but across a much larger world

"I'd say the majority of spaces are enterable."

Dead Rising 3's executive producer Josh Bridge has shared a little more with OXM about how the game's "fully unconstrained" world is constructed, describing it as a sort of violently compressed composite of Los Angeles and its surrounding cities. "It felt like people would recognise it," he told us as part of a preview you'll read in issue 104. "So we smashed a whole bunch of cities around LA together."

As we're reported in the past, this is the largest Dead Rising game yet - a few times larger, in fact, than both of its predecessors combined. Hence the new emphasis on vehicles, which now come in both vanilla and hysterical Combo varieties. Bridge reckons you could actually spend 50 per cent of the game in vehicles, but that's not to say the world is one big road.


"We kind of cram in the fidelity that you'd expect from a linear experience like Uncharted," observed senior producer Jason Leigh, "and we try and do it everywhere so regardless of the angle you're taking through the world, it feels like you're playing that kind of game. [Our design team] has essentially hand-crafted spaces. You're not going to come across a cookie-cutter sort of world."

Where even the mighty GTA 5 stumbled, Dead Rising 3 has apparently managed to render interiors as comprehensively as exteriors. "[In Dead Rising 2: Case Zero] if you actually went into every single building, it got completely pointless. But I'd say the majority of spaces are enterable."

What's more, the game's zombies are partly randomly generated, for a more diverse undead throng. "There's a f***ton of zombies," art director Alan Jarvie told us. "Because our scarring system, clothing system, and the body/head systems are all randomised, you could potentially see many permutations. They're not all pre-modelled."

Capcom has elsewhere suggested that Xbox One's graphical muscle will allow Dead Rising 3 to be a "serious horror" experience - providing, that is, you give it a chance to behave as such, rather than donning a bull costume and attacking somebody with a laser sword. The developer has also politely requested that people stop "freaking out" over the game's frame rate.

Get the full lowdown on issue 104 here. It's on sale now, and is abundant in massive Xbox One previews.