GTA Online launch - how to access GTA 5's multiplayer

Getting started in your online version of Los Santos

The already sizeable GTA 5 just got a whole lot bigger. Rockstar has now activated Grand Theft Auto Online, the game's much-sung multiplayer component. But how do you actually access said component? Fret not, brave warrior - here's Uncle OXM with a few pointers and reminders.

GTA Online is unlocked by way of a title update, which weighs in at 52 MB. The file in question is probably nothing more complex than a Season Pass-style code - we doubt it houses any actual game content. Once you've downloaded the file you'll see an additional option on your character selection wheel, accessed by holding D-pad down. Select it to kick-start a cinematic introduction and the multiplayer character creation process.


GTA Online is currently available to Xbox Live users in the UK and US - we'll let you know about other regions as and when we hear more. Users have reported a variety of bugs, which Rockstar is aware of and working to fix - the developer has made no bones of the fact that it's impossible to predict and account for the stresses of an open world multiplayer component as comprehensive as this one.

Rockstar plans to release a number of add-ons and updates in "the first few weeks" after launch. The developer has also shared new details on the microtransaction systems, player Reputations and house parties.

Before you invite anybody into your GTA Online session, you might also want to engage Passive mode. "If you're spawning and being killed immediately, go to Passive mode - it means you can't shoot people, but they can't shoot you," Benzies told CVG in an interview a month or two back. "So you can just kind of hang around and get to grips with the game."

Cash earned in GTA 5 won't transfer to GTA Online, so don't feel too pleased with yourself if you're already raking in the millions. There's a strictly optional microtransactions system that allows players to buy wodges of Los Santos cash - $13.49 of real money nets you $1,250,000 in-game.

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