Volition boss wants Battlefield studio DICE to resurrect Red Faction

It has "to be someone who has some experience in destruction," says Boone

After Red Faction Armageddon's disappointing sales figures in 2011, THQ quietly put the series to bed, not long before the publisher itself came to a messy and highly-publicised end. Nordic Games promptly snapped up the rights to the franchise, commenting that it had a "good concept" to work with, and is already discussing possibilities with as-yet unnamed developers.

According to Volition's senior producer Jim Boone, however, there's only one outfit qualified to carry on his studio's legacy - DICE, developer of the deformation-happy Battlefield series and the much-touted Frostbite engine.


"The fact that they [DICE] have had experience, and understand what it means to perform destruction, and what kind of compromises you actually have to make - maximising the opportunities that it presents from a design standpoint," Jim Boone told OXM in an interview you'll read in our latest issue. "I think you almost by definition have to be someone who has some experience in destruction so yeah, I'd totally be giving it up to DICE, if I could choose anyone."

Boone feels Red Faction's GeoMod engine allows for more accurate and precise destruction than DICE's tech, but suggested that compromising on fidelity actually helped earlier Battlefield games. "In Red Faction, I could destroy every single bit of wall I wanted to," he elaborated. "In Bad Company, I could destroy one part of wall, but the outer edges would stay. And the gamer didn't care.

"They just thought 'I shot that wall and it blew up and that's amazing.' Not 'I shot the wall right there and there's a hole right there.' Because DICE made that one compromise, everything else looked amazing. And I think that was a smart call, frankly."

Would DICE be the right choice of studio to take Red Faction to the next level? Does the franchise even deserve another shot? Read our full interview with Jim Boone in issue 104, which is on sale right this moment at any newsagent worth their salt.