New Killer Instinct gameplay video breaks down Sadira's moves

The fifth KI character has us caught in her web

Since her reveal, new Killer Instinct character Sadira (or "Dame Sticky-Stabalot" as Ed initially christened her) has had my curiosity. She looks pretty damn cool, after all, and I'm digging the weird spider theme.

However, since setting eyes on fighting game guru and YouTuber Max's new gameplay video for the character, it's safe to say Sadira now has my full attention.


In the video, Max is joined by Double Helix' community manager Rich for the first part of a Sadira-specific gameplay breakdown.

Sadira is, in Max's well-chosen words, "freaking nuts." She's extremely agile and mobile, far more so than any of the other characters, and comes with a double jump and a backflip backdash.

Max and Richard go through a huge chunk of Sadira's move list in the video below, including her command moves - like a launcher which can be followed up by a jump attack in the air. She also packs a downward kick from the air which can be used as an opener to further combos. From what I can tell so far, Sadira is all about those aerial strikes; she can also combo right off her throw, juggling opponents in mid-air.

I already kind of love her; she's exactly the kind of flippy, fast-moving character that I always go for. What do you think? Have you picked out a favourite from the roster yet?