Microsoft on Xbox One: "We are winning the games message"

"The media recognised our games as being the best lineup"

Corporate vice president of Microsoft's interactive entertainment business Phil Harrison is feeling confident that the Xbox One is "winning" the next gen war as far as games line-ups are concerned, overshadowing its main competitor's offerings with stand-out, console exclusive titles like TitanFall.

"We are winning the games message," he recently told Edge. "We had over 100 awards coming out of E3 for games on our platform. That is more than twice as many awards as any other platform. So the media recognised our games on Xbox One as being the best lineup - including Titanfall, which is the most awarded game in the history of E3, coming to Xbox One and to Xbox 360."


He acknowledged the Xbox One's journey so far was not without its numerous bumps along the way, but asserts that learning from those mistakes should be seen as a positive. "I think when you create a vision of the future, you paint the vision of the future that you are most excited about," he said. "But we got clear feedback that some of the things we were proposing were perhaps a little too far into the future. So we changed. We took feedback from the community; we changed our plans. We think that's a good thing."

Harrison was also apologetic over the fact that the Xbox One will not launch in as many countries as anticipated in November, but doesn't think this will hurt the Xbox One in the long run. "We will make sure we work super hard to catch up as quickly as we can," he said. "In the long run, in the life of Xbox One, I don't believe this will have any material impact."

Harrison also spoke out recently about the Xbox One's game DVR, saying it's a "big, big win" for indie games.