How to fix GTA 5's console-crashing bug on older Xbox 360 machines

Microsoft release guidelines on how to resolve 2006-2008 console model issues

Reports are coming in from owners of older Xbox 360 consoles, who say that playing Grand Theft Auto 5 causes their machine to crash.

A thread on unofficial site GTAforums suggests that owners of a 2006-2008 model Xbox 360 cannot get the game to run smoothly, despite multiple installs. It doesn't seem to be a hard drive issue either, as people who bought larger drives for the older machines are still running into trouble.


Rockstar haven't made any official comment on the issues yet, though an official troubleshooting statement recommends that users delete all GTA V installation data, clear the Xbox 360's cache and start the installation over. It also states: "If you are still experiencing the error, please try installing to a different memory device."

In response to the difficulties, Xbox Support has released the following guidelines, which has reportedly worked for some. It reads a little like witchcraft (we're surprised step 10 isn't spin around three times on the spot or burn some incense...) but if it comes from the top, it's definitely worth a try.

1. Delete all GTA 5 game data.
2. Clear system cache three times.
3. Delete marketplace data from storage system items.
4. Unplug console for three minutes.
5. Install disc 1.
6. Power off, do not insert disc 2.
7. Restart.
8. Install disc 2.
9. Play. (Hopefully.)

Good luck to those affected - we'll update if we hear any official word on a resolution or potential patch from Rockstar.

Thanks, Kotaku.