The OXM news round up: games for adults, iOS7 and Cape Expectations

Our weekly haul of interesting links from around the web

Hello there, dear readers of OXM. How are you? Had a good week? With the reports of GTA V being the biggest selling game ever, chances are you've been spending it - as we have: driving around with the windows down while singing along to Mis-Teeq and taking selfies of ourselves in unusual locations. And in the game.

But if you can drag yourselves away from the streets of Los Santos for a little while, then we've got our usual list of interesting tech and gaming related links from around the web for your perusal followed by a musical number from the OXM Jukebox. If you're sitting comfortably, then we'll begin...

News round-up for the week ending 22nd September, 2013

  • Kicking off with the GTA V theme, here's CVG's video guide to getting those shiny gold medals on the first 14 missions of the game.
  • We're sure you intelligent, lovely readers have read our review of GTA V, but if on the off-chance you'd like some second opinions, here's CVG and GamesRadar's verdicts on Rockstar's latest epic.
  • There's more iPhone 5 information than you can throw an Apple at over at T3, most importantly their reviews of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c flavours
  • But whether you're picking up a new iPhone or sticking with your old one, chances are you've been poking at Apple's latest iOS7 software. T3 have their verdict on that too.
  • If you've already got it, perhaps you'd like some tips and tricks as to what the new iOS7 can do. Here's TechRadar with eleven handy tips and tricks.
  • There's plenty of arguments as to which phones are the best, but there have also been a fair few phones that seem to be universally loved by everyone. TechRadar have a list of five of them.
  • Not every movie has a happy ending. In fact, there's plenty where everyone dies in the end. Total Film have this comprehensive list of thirty of them.
  • OXM Video producer Gavin Murphy isn't faster than a speeding bullet, nor can he leap tall buildings in a single bound. He is, however, very knowledgeable about Batman and Superman, and here he is with Sam Ashurst of Total Film in episode two of their Cape Expectations series.

Over to the OXM Jukebox now, where this week we've been stalking the night (or at least, YouTube) to bring you the theme from 2011's Batman: Arkham City:

If you have any interesting stuff you think we've missed in this round-up or you see anything else you think we should mention in a future edition, feel free to speak up in the comments or tweet them at myself or the team.