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Swery65 talks D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die - a game "centered around the idea of empathy"

"When I saw the Kinect hardware, I knew it was the missing piece to my puzzle"

Deadly Premonition creator Swery65 has been talking at this year's Tokyo Game Show about his new creation D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die coming exclusively to Xbox One


D4 follows the story of David Young, a private detective who uses time travel to solve his wife's murder at the cost of his own memories, with players directly interacting with and manipulating Young's actions in the world.

In an interview with the Xbox Wire blog, Swery revealed that the concept for D4 had been in his head since 2010, and that he wanted to make a game that "allowed players to really slip into a world and follow the stories of the characters there while experiencing things with them."

"This game is centered around the idea of 'empathy.'" Swery said. "The game mechanics have been built around the idea of "replicating senses."

Apparently, the "missing piece" of Swery's puzzle was the Xbox One's Kinect hardware, with him saying that the game "replicates senses through allowing players to interact the way they want using Kinect, and I think that makes it very unique."

"We think of Kinect as an input device no different than a mouse or a controller. We've coded the process of replicating actions on the screen so that players can use Kinect to do it all."


Apparently those without a lot of space needn't worry, as you'll still be able to play D4 sitting down too. Are you looking forward to the next slice of weirdness from Swery65? Let us know in the comments.