Grand Theft Auto 5 secrets: UFOs, UV drop-offs and the mystery of Mount Chiliad

How many have you found?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that Grand Theft Auto V is all about heists, high crime, fast cars and the cold-blooded murder of any pedestrians foolish enough to cross your path when the mood for mischief takes you. But this is a game that just keeps on giving, as evidenced by the myriad of mysteries the internet has already managed to uncover.

We've tracked down six of the most intriguing secrets so far; how many more can you find?

1. Finding Bigfoot
Budding cryptozoologists have been convinced of Bigfoot's existence in the Grand Theft Auto universe ever since it was hinted at in GTA: San Andreas. Polygon have managed to prove the missing link's existence with the help of a thermal sniper scope and a pair of eagle eyes. It's blink-and-you'll-miss-it stuff, but he's definitely there. Where are the Hendersons when you need them?

2. The sunken spaceship
But never mind great apes and forest japes, there are more pressing concerns at hand; it seems Los Santos is inundated with intergalactic visitors, and we're not sure their intentions are entirely benevolent. At the north of the map, in the darkest depths of the ocean, you can find the remains of a UFO quietly rusting on the ocean floor. You'll need a submarine in order to reach it, so be sure to stop by the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove.

3. Collecting the UFO parts
Though that UFO is in one piece, it's pretty much useless to anyone wishing to make contact. For that, you're going to have to go on a bit of a treasure hunt, and fair warning: some assembly will be required. The video below from YouTube user Deathmule will tell you where you can locate each of the 50 spaceship parts for the achievement "Beyond the Stars."

4. A frozen Alien
Rockstar's fascination with aliens doesn't end there. This particular secret can only be found during the prologue mission of the game, whilst you're being chased by cops after the botched bank job. You'll have to veer off the road when you reach a bridge, get out of the car and take a peek under the frozen stream, as detailed in the GameFrontWalkthrough video below. It'll cause you to fail the current mission, but that's a small price to pay for a close encounter of the third kind.

5. The dubious drop-off
Here's one mystery we haven't seen anyone solve yet. The special edition of the game comes with a map, and taking a UV light to that map uncovers the following instructions for a drop-off:


Great Ocean Highway
Through North Chumask
0.5 miles past Raton Canyon
<- When guard rail ends
Follow the dirt road
Down to the Docks
Bring $500,000 CASH

What does it all mean? What are you exchanging half a mil for? We're not entirely sure yet, so once you've worked it out, come back and let us all in on the secret.

6. The mystery of Mount Chiliad
One of Los Santos' largest and most distinguishable landmarks is hiding something sinister, we're sure of it. Going to the shack on top of the mountain will reveal a strange map scrawled on the wall, which appears to indicate that the mountain itself is hollow. Going just a little bit away from the shack, on the highest point of the mountain, is a viewing platform. Walking around to the back of the wooden platform, you'll see some writing etched into the side, which reads "Come back when your story is complete." What does it all mean?

You can view the individual clues in the video below, but we have yet to see where these lead. Have you solved it yet?

The truth is out there. And so are a whole host of other easter eggs, no doubt. Have you found any that aren't listed here? Add to the ever-expanding list of conspiracy theories in the comments below.