Four Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer gameplay videos descend from the shadows

Beta footage includes hands-on time with Robin, Bane and the Joker

You know how I'm going to spend my time in Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer? Not playing Robin. To recap, the online is a three-way affair - one side plays Bane's team, one side plays that of the Joker, and the final two players star as the Dynamic Duo, taking the gangsters apart from the shadows as they scrabble over territory.

The heroes have a manoeuvrability and perception advantage, as you'd expect, but the gangs have access to gadgets that balance things out, including wall-penetrating sonar vision. I'm not sure you'll need the latter when you're fighting Robin, somehow. Not met Robin? He's the young chap in the glaring red leotard, swan-diving straight down the barrel of your machinegun. Way to dress for the occasion, Robbers.

The below gameplay videos are from the on-going multiplayer beta, and yes, those are PS controller icons you can see around the edges. Sorry about that. For more on the game's predictably controversial multiplayer, read Aoife's stonking Batman: Arkham Origins interview from earlier in the week.