Microsoft's Spencer on Geometry Wars Xbox One, odds of a Mass Effect-style BioWare deal

"Conversations" have been had about Activision IP, direct work with BioWare would be "difficult"

Of all Xbox Live Arcade's early gems, Bizarre Creations' Geometry Wars is surely the most lustrous - a hyperactive rainbow blaster that can claim significant responsibility for the continuing popularity of schmups on console platforms. So, where's Xbox One's version of the same, Microsoft? And given your current chumminess with EA, is there any chance you'll partner with BioWare again to work on an exclusive RPG?

Alas, Studios boss Phil Spencer wasn't able to confirm anything when pressed on these topics last night, but his thoughts on the possibility of a Geometry Wars sequel may be heartening. Let's hope Activision plays ball.

Alas, a BioWare partnership appears to be less likely. The studio has plenty of irons in the fire already, of course - we know about Dragon Age: Inquisition, the new Mass Effect (which is coming along rather well, apparently) and at least one unannounced Star Wars game.

Don't know about you, but another exclusive RPG for Xbox One would tickle me pink roundabouts now. There are Good and Sound Reasons for the shortage of sword & sorcery/spaceships on new platforms at launch, however - as Spencer told Eurogamer recently, releasing an RPG early on in a platform's life can be a difficult trick.

"RPG games take a long time," he said. "You want to make sure those games are great. Lionhead's taking Fable in an interesting direction and we've been playing that game for a while. That's a ton of fun."

Would you buy another Geometry Wars at this point, or would you rather nab a new IP?