Black Tusk Studios is working with Microsoft Research on mystery Xbox One game

"New content" promised for Tokyo Game Show floor

Sooner or later, Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer will drunkenly Tweet something like "Hey @AvalancheSweden great work on #Crackdown3 you guys" followed by "DISREGARD LAST TWEET, PROBLEM WITH PHONE KEYBOARD #oops" and I, ladies and gentlemen, will be there, embedding that noise like there's no tomorrow. Until then, we have stuff like the below. Seems Black Tusk's urban action game for Xbox One is shaping up nicely.

Spencer's also confirmed that there will be "new content" and "new builds" at the Tokyo Game Show, which begins 19th September. Here's the list of already-revealed games you'll find at Microsoft's booth - there will also be "announcements", hopefully of the exclusive and locality-tailored variety. Xbox One could do with another Japanese exclusive. I wonder what Platinum's up to nowadays?

(Yes, he means D4.)

There's also this on the prospect of first-party reboots, from a few days ago. This is the second time Spencer's mentioned Rare's 1991 brawler BattleToads in public, to my knowledge - he mentioned the game in our chat about Xbox One exclusives, too. "People ask me about Rare and I always go back to, like, Battletoads, but there aren't many people from those games that are still around."

What are you hoping for from Black Tusk's game? Here's the E3 teaser trailer. The absence of a red-haired woman aside, it isn't worlds away from Perfect Dark.