Xbox One U-turns haven't hurt us, insists Microsoft - "we are genuinely in an enviable position"

"We remain true to our vision that we want to be wherever our consumers want us to be."

Those high profile Xbox One policy reversals? Nothing to lose sleep over, according to Xbox Europe vice-president Chris Lewis. Speaking to MCV in a new interview, Lewis insists that the next generation Xbox is performing well despite the abandoning of Microsoft's original digital strategy, which would have obliged users to sign in every 24 hours in order to ascertain game ownership.

As you hopefully know by now, the online checks were positioned as a necessary trade-off for perks like being able to share your entire digital library remotely. Microsoft has suggested that it may still implement this latter idea, given a bit of revision, but won't do so at the Xbox One's launch in November.

"Look, we remain true to our vision that we want to be wherever our consumers want us to be," Lewis began. "We think that digital consumption patterns will change and grow over time. We think that the [Xbox One cloud] gives you a level of sophistication, depth and breadth that people can only dream of. And overtime more people will embrace that.


"That said, we want to offer consumers choice, including physical discs and being able to do all the things that they want with those physical discs. We want to be available in any format that our consumers are looking for. We've always been very committed to consumer choice."

Some have attributed the "failure" of Microsoft's original digital plan to miscommunication rather than any inherent flaws, which is a credible-sounding line of thinking. Perhaps most notably, Xbox execs gave differing, partial accounts of how game trading would work on Xbox One back at reveal, cue a sizeable backlash.

"As a business, the minute we don't listen to our customers attentively, and adapt and react in an appropriate way, then we would be in a dangerous place," Lewis observed, when asked whether Microsoft could have stuck to its guns. "I love the fact that we are reactive and agile in that way. We remain true to our vision - digitally and physically - and we are genuinely in an enviable position versus anyone else in being able to deliver that. I wouldn't trade places with anybody.

He also reiterated the manufacturer's commitment to the pre-owned market. "What you've seen from us by way of our adaptation to some of the feedback is indicative of our respect for what our retail partners are and what they represent. We partner with them deeply and we will continue to do so.

"And I'll come back to our point earlier, which is we want to offer consumers as much choice as they want from us right now, without compromising our vision and overall strategic approach. And I think we have a really great balance now."

Do you agree? And what do you think of the Xbox One launch line-up? Planning and marketing director Albert Penello has suggested that Ryse and Forza 5 are the equal or superior of any rival console release, in the visual department at least.