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Dead Rising 3 world map surfaces - Xbox One exclusive is bigger than DR1 and DR2 combined

Xbox One's brawn equals a much larger environment

This morning's news-spew is all about that sweet, sweet cartography, apparently. Hot on the heels of that GTA 5 map we published moments ago, here's a top-down view of Dead Rising 3's Los Perdidos care of the Financial Post - it's big enough to swallow the first two games with plenty of room left over.

This obviously supports Capcom Vancouver's assertion that Dead Rising 3's "fully unconstrained" yet highly detailed world is only possible on Xbox One. "The fidelity of the game is similar to what you'd see in a linear game, but we've managed to put it in an open world game," a rep told us at Gamescom. "There's that much horsepower on the Xbox One that we're actually able to do that."


For more on what you'll actually do in that world, read Aoife's hands-on. Spoilers: there are zombies. Also, this is the most difficult Dead Rising game Capcom has ever released - providing you tick the appropriate boxes, anyway.