Is Fable Legends always-online? "I don't know," says game director

But "if you're somehow cheating, online is a way for us to track it."

Lionhead's online-centric Fable Legends for Xbox One may not, in fact, be an always-online game, as we reported back at announcement. According to game director David Eckelberry, the developer would prefer to mandate a connection in order to track down cheaters, but has yet, it seems, to decide on the final implementation.

Legends, of course, is a first-party release for a console that was once designed to sign into the internet at 24 hour intervals - Microsoft abandoned that particular policy over the summer. Ergo, Fable: Legends would have been online everyday anyway as per the manufacturer's original plans, which explains why Lionhead hasn't had to address this question till relatively recently.

The developer's FAQ mentions that "you can enjoy all of the game's content in a single player experience", which isn't quite the same as saying that it can be played offline. Bungie's Destiny will also oblige players to sign into Xbox Live, but doesn't force you to participate in multiplayer.


"I don't know the answer to that," Eckelberry confessed to us in a Gamescom interview, but added: "The fact that we want to do a lot of things, a lot of systems on a servers, characters on a server...If it's online we can monitor you and make sure you don't edit your character file, or do something nasty there.

"Because if you're playing single player, all your accomplishments in the game are going to eventually matter if you're playing against a villain player, or alongside other heroes," he went on. "If you've somehow cheated your way to victory - so that's a concern for us.

"If you're somehow cheating, online is a way for us to track it, because your performance can be measured in the Xbox Live cloud."

It's hard to know what to make of this claim without additional info - read everything we currently know in our latest Fable Xbox One details round-up. Legends sees groups of four heroes - all controlled by humans, or a mixture of human and computer characters - questing through a primordial Albion; a fifth player can take the role of a villain, using SmartGlass and Kinect commands to place enemies, traps and other hazards.