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Battlefield 4 weapon customisations offer more than 240,000 variations per weapon

"Our deepest and most personal weapon customisation ever"

If you're the type of person who enjoys making their equipment unique to them, it's likely you'll be pleased with Battlefield 4's weapon customisation options.

In the latest edition of the Battlefield Blog DICE talk about how weapon customisation will be deeper than it's ever been before, offering plenty of options for nearly every weapon in the game.


First off, they've "nearly tripled" the number of accessories available and the number of places to attach them. In addition, weapons will be able to be fitted with an increased number of camouflages, and brand new to Battlefield 4 are "adaptive camouflages" that change colour depending on what map you happen to be fighting. Using an assault rifle as an example, DICE claim that "With everything from optics, other accessories and camos, you'll end up with more than 240,000 variations" on a single weapon.

Also mentioned in the post is the ability for snipers to "zero in" their scopes, allowing them to calibrate them for things such as bullet drops over long distances - which will probably be needed for the new 40X zoom scopes for extreme long distance sniping.

Finally, DICE revealed that Battlefield 4 will also introduce "Battle Pickups" - powerful weapons that will be appear in most game modes to be found in specific locations on all the maps, a hark back to classic first person arena shooters. Enterprising soldiers can try and fight for the use of these super powerful weapons to try and gain an advantage for their team.


Battlefield 4 launches on November 1st for Xbox 360 and as a launch title for Xbox One later that month. For now, here's how Ed got on during his recent hands-on with the game's multiplayer, and a reminder that there's a full preview in our latest issue of the magazine.