Will Titanfall have splitscreen? Respawn won't comment, but warns fans about beta scams

"Please note that all sites advertising Beta access are 100% scams."

I'd sort of vaguely assumed Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall wouldn't support splitscreen - the PR emphasis, after all, has been squarely on what's possible thanks to the new shooter's mandatory online connection, such as cloud AI processing.

Various Twitter users have popped the question, however, and the official response is... intriguing.

Do you think Titanfall needs splitscreen? I'd quite like the option, as with splitscreen in general, though I suspect I'll want all that screen estate to myself when I'm dodging rockets and wall-running across holographic billboards. Incidentally, here's a Cool Thing I've discovered: when you're wall-running, you can stab your fancy data knife into the wall and hang from it, firing your sidearm.

EA and Respawn would also like fans to know that any and all "Titanfall betas" currently on offer are fake. Don't go throwing those card details around, unless you like finding payments to obscure Nigerian companies on your account statements.

Last but not least, here's a new screenshot. Well, I think it's new. For more on Titanfall, check out my first look.