EA: Microsoft needs to "cough up" the Xbox One's release date

Peter Moore says it's "heads down" at EA from now until next gen launch

EA's COO Peter Moore thinks that it's time you announced a firm release date for the Xbox One, Microsoft, and we have to say, we kind of agree.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International, Moore commented on how competing consoles have never launched quite so close together before. "It has never happened this way. There's always been a period of time, a sorbet between consoles, that has cleansed the palate and allowed us to move on. It might be a week, who knows? Microsoft needs to cough up the date."


Points for working a weird sorbet analogy into casual conversation, Peter. Moore went on to take the opportunity to toot EA's horn: "Microsoft has been very aggressive with us, as had Sony, we're a very powerful publisher obviously, that has the ability to deliver great content and makes a difference on their platforms, and they want to make sure they get that."

When asked whether he felt EA were "breaking the rules" by giving away their biggest selling franchise with Xbox One preorders, Moore maintains that putting FIFA 14 in front of as many people as possible is the right decision for the company. "There are rules? We look at opportunities to put as many copies of FIFA into consumers' hands as we possibly can.

"We're very proud of that game, we're very proud of the fact that it's not just a game that you play off a disc but the digital services, FIFA Ultimate Team, in particular is important to us, so the more consumers that own FIFA the better opportunity we have to interact with them, to be able to offer services to them, so it's worked out well."

Moore then claimed it was a straight sprint to the finish line for EA now in terms of the transition to next gen. The publisher has several launch titles on the table, as well as the eagerly anticipated Xbox One and PC exclusive TitanFall, which is expected to release in early 2014.

"Now you know where the finish line is, and you need to make sure that you're ready. A lot of panic, you've got this operational time to when you go theoretically final to then you deliver it, first time going through this generation, through cert and submission, all different processes than we've probably had before, yeah, it's head down and go time now. We have to deliver."

What do you think of EA's next gen line-up? Pleased with the FIFA 14 pre-order deal, or are you holding out for TitanFall?