Xbox One to release "late November" according to Every 2 Minutes promo

Yes, it's a story involving Mountain Dew and Doritos

Another day, another Xbox One release date rumour, this time coming from the rules of a promotion run by the folks behind Mountain Dew and Doritos in which they offer the chance to win an Xbox One every two minutes.

Spotted by the folks of NeoGAF, the competition run by PepsiCo in conjunction with Microsoft offers US gamers the chance to bid using codes found on the snacks from the end of September.

The part we're mostly interested in is in the small print of the promotion, in which it's claimed that the Xbox One "has a targeted launch date of late November 2013" - it's not very precise and it seems to indicate it might miss that previously rumoured date of the 8th, but it narrows it down slightly from the current official word of just "November".


Sadly it's of little consolation to those in the eight territories to which the Xbox One's launch has been pushed back, though Microsoft have insisted it's not because of manufacturing problems.

Does late November sound early enough to you? Let us know in the comments.