Why is Peggle 2 an Xbox One exclusive? "There are a lot of unique features", says PopCap

"It's a platform that we love and that a lot of people love our game on."

The announcement of EA and PopCap's Peggle 2 as a timed Xbox One launch exclusive took many by surprise - it's hard to imagine a game that's got less in common with the shooters, licensed sports sims and RPGs that comprise the Xbox 360's headline releases. Still, the numbers paint a convincing picture - released in 2009, the Xbox Live Arcade version of the original, physics-driven puzzler still puts in regular appearances on the Xbox Live Arcade top 20.

"We're exclusive for Xbox One, we're not talking about other platforms right now," lead producer Jared Neuss told OXM at Gamescom, when we asked how the deal came about. "The way we talk about games is, we'll try to get the game as polished as possible on the platform that it's on, and then we'll start talking about [other platforms]. Right now we're fully focused on Xbox One.


"We've had a lot of success on Xbox 360," he added. "The game that's currently out is still being played by tonnes of people, you can go in and get a multiplayer match through matchmaking, which is pretty phenomenal for a casual game that came out in 2009.

"So it's a platform that we love and that a lot of people love our game on. It's a great place to be. There are a lot of unique features for Xbox One that we'll be talking about."

EA's chumminess with Microsoft may have supplied a broader impetus for Peggle 2's platform exclusivity - among other things, the manufacturer will give away a copy of FIFA 14 free with every European Xbox One preorder. Do you still play Peggle? Looking forward to the sequel? Here's a trailer.