Lionhead announces Fable Legends for Xbox One - it's always-online

Microsoft unveils next generation Fable at Gamescom

Microsoft has announced Fable Legends for Xbox One, confirming yesterday's domain-related rumours. Jonty's seeing it in action right this moment. Everybody try to stay calm.

The game supports four player co-op, and is compatible with SmartGlass. It's an always-online game that calls on Xbox One's cloud support, and is set 400 years before the events of the very first Fable on the original Xbox.

Character setups include an archer controlled in classic third-person shooter viewpoint, a swordsman, a magician armed with the power to slow time, and a barbarian with a Yorkshire accent. The big surprise is that one player gets to control the game's villain, viewing the world from a top-down perspective and placing enemies, traps and ambushes.


"Fable has given you the freedom to be as righteous or morally bankrupt as you want in the past, but for the first time in Fable history, Fable Legends gives you the chance to embrace villainy and assume the role of an evil mastermind," reads a release.

"Playing a Hero utilizes the classic Fable style of gameplay, but as a Villain, you'll combine strategy and tactics to control an army of minions against the Heroes. Command your troops in real-time and carefully manage your minions' unique abilities to ensure the forces of evil prevail."

This would explain those vacancies for people who've worked on strategy games, MMOs and RPGs we spotted last year, then. Lionhead says you'll be able to switch between single and multiplayer "seamlessly" ("seamless" is the big next gen buzzword, it seems - or should that be "seams"?), and that you can adventure alongside computer characters instead of other players.

Here's the first trailer. Looking good, Lionhead. There's no word of a release date just yet.