Microsoft: 38% of Xbox One games are exclusive, 37% are new IP

"The best games are on Xbox One," boasts video

Microsoft's come out on the Gamescom stage swinging with an incredibly bombastic sizzle reel, which blasts through a few of Xbox One's more anticipated exclusives - including Forza 5, Killer Instinct and Titanfall.

"With blockbuster exclusives, brand new franchises and games that will have exclusive or early access downloadable content, the best games are on Xbox One," notes the blurb. Full of pluck this afternoon, aren't we, lads? Oi, Sony! Come and have a go if you think, etc.

Xbox NewsWire has also released a number of sensational statistics, as below:

- 38% of titles are exclusive to Xbox One
- 37% of titles are brand-new IP
- 44% of titles will include either timed or exclusive content to Xbox One
- Microsoft exclusive titles received 272 award nominations and 111 wins at E3 2013.
- Xbox One titles earned 10 Game Critics Awards, with Xbox platform exclusive "Titanfall" taking home a record-breaking 6 awards, including "Best of Show."

I'm envisaging a sort of Anchorman-style back-alley stand-off with PS4. Remember, gentlemen - no touching of the hair or face. Read more about the new console's confirmed portfolio (which doesn't include teasers, untitled projects and the like) in our continually updated Xbox One games feature.

Oh, and we'll have a tasty Xbox One video of our own to put live later today. Keep an eye out for it.