Behind the scenes of combat in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Players liked the responsiveness of Dragon Age 2 but preferred the "more tactical" aspect of Origins

Bioware has been revealing more details on the combat in the upcoming third Dragon Age game by way of a video going behind the scenes of production of the RPG.

The video comes from US publication GameInformer as spotted by PC Gamer and has Executive Producer Mark Darrah speaking on how players enjoyed the responsiveness of the combat in Dragon Age 2, but missed things like the counter design and more tactical aspects of Dragon Age Origins.

Other members of the team such as Creative Director Mike Laidlaw chime in, citing several upcoming Kickstarter games and the success of the recent XCOM game as evidence of a "hunger" for games that allow you to fully control your party. This, alongside the "pause and play" gameplay that the series sees as "part of our legacy" are tenets that Inquisition intends to utilize to make the best Dragon Age combat yet.

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