Dishonored 2 could involve multiplayer, locations outside Dunwall, Xbox One

But "it's definitely going to be a similar type of game"

RockPaperShotgun's got a great interview with a remarkably candid Raphael Colantonio, co-director of Bethesda and Arkane's wonderful Dishonored - a game that's as greasy as a sack of rancid whale blubber, and just as lethal. Within, he discusses where Arkane might take the tacitly announced Dishonored 2, promising that it'll stick to what the original did best.

"I can't say exactly what we're working on yet, but I can say that it's definitely going to be a similar type of game," Colantonio observed. "Choices, multiple objectives, branching paths, and things like that. Those are our core values and they will stay that way."


There's room to grow, however. "We might be interested by multiplayer. And this would not necessarily be the traditional multiplayer approach. But primarily, we are storytellers. That's the part we like. So as long as multiplayer does not go against that - which is unfortunately often the case with multiplayer because you have to remove any story bits because they go at odds with the strict values of multiplayer - [we're interested].

"But yes, generally we're more into single-player. Someone playing at their own pace, which is another thing that goes against multiplayer values. In multiplayer, there's a group, so everyone has to worry about going forward or being shot at. But we're also keeping an eye out for ways to do multiplayer the right way."

Arkane hasn't worked out whether it wants to continue with a silent protagonist, having experimented with a voiced main character in Dishonored DLC packs The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches. As to where the sequel might be set, it's worth remembering that "the lore is actually way bigger than the game itself".

"There are a few places we could go and explore given the opportunity," Colantonio mused. "Definitely the islands around, but also all the big continents. Anything is possible."


The same's true of supporting platforms. Arkane recently advertised for a technical director to help bring games to Xbox One and PS4.

"These kinds of games have always been hard to make and sell," Colantonio commented at one point in the chat. "Having success with it tells us we should keep all these values and do more of this kind of game.

"I think hardware is powerful enough to accept these kinds of games with all the depth and memory they need, which was a challenge a few years ago. So it all says stronger than ever that we should keep doing these kinds of games."

Where in the Pandyssian Continent would you go, and which cut Dishonored powers and abilities would you restore?