Call of Duty: Ghosts developed for "Xbox One first", some features not possible on Xbox 360

"It's that weird kind of first date thing going on."

Infinity Ward designed Call of Duty: Ghosts to run on the Xbox One in the first place, then considered which features would make sense on current generation platforms, Infinity Ward's Mark Rubin told OXM's Aoife at the game's multiplayer reveal event in Los Angeles last night.

"Basically what we did is - for much of the technical features that we wanted to do on Xbox One, we did them on Xbox One first," Rubin began. "And then what we did is, then looked at it and went, 'OK, can we put this on current gen? So by going to Xbox One first, we were trying to ensure that Xbox One is as good as it can be."


As a launch title, Ghosts doesn't, obviously, represent the very best Infinity Ward can achieve on the new console. "Obviously it's a new system, it's a console launch," Rubin continued. "It's that weird kind of first date thing going on, and if you look at Call of Duty 2, which was our first 360 launch, we made leaps and bounds past that once we got to know each other better. So I imagine Xbox One will be similar.

"But we did focus on Xbox One when it came to features," he added. "Not just graphics features but audio features as well, for instance. And then we looked at that and said 'OK, can we do that in current gen?' Because we don't want to leave features out of current gen just to make Xbox One look better. We wanted the Xbox 360 version to be as good a game as we could possibly make it.

"So some of the features we just couldn't do. Particularly on the graphics side, the tessellation stuff, the stuff that's under DirectX 11, that kind of thing - that stuff just can't happen on current gen. Then obviously there's more memory on Xbox One, so you're going to get greater texture resolution and stuff like that. Pretty straightforward stuff."

Have a look at the trailer below. Is there anything there you'd be surprised to see on a current gen console? Check out our full Ghosts multiplayer report for more on the audio, plus details of modes, customisation options and what to do when you've transformed yourself into a living bomb.