Mikami on The Evil Within and Dark Souls-style online - "maybe in DLC"

Resident Evil creator on following From Software's multiplayer example

In a recent interview with horror maestro Shinji Mikami on his new game The Evil Within, we spoke about everything from Resident Evil 4, to developing with the new Kinect, to how to create the right environments, tone and characters for a true survival horror experience.

One question (and answer) from the interview stood out in particular, however. When asked by OXM whether The Evil Within might ever follow the Dark Souls route - using online connectivity to enable other players to influence your game world - Mikami answered with a mysterious - "Yeah, maybe in DLC. I guess we can't really get into details."


The Dark Souls style of multiplayer is hopefully something we'll see more of in the next generation of consoles. Eschewing traditional deathmatches and Capture the Flag style scenarios, Dark Souls' online mode allows players to quietly enter one another's worlds, helping or hindering as they - or their covenant - sees fit. It's perfectly in keeping with the tone of the game, and it enhances the single player experience, never feeling like a meaningless bolt-on. Harnessing this kind of mechanic in a horror game could potentially make for far more scares than any scripted sequence or cutscene.

To read our Shinji Mikami interview in full, and get an in-depth run-down of no less than four next gen releases (including cover game The Elder Scrolls Online), make sure to pick up issue 102 of the mag, which is on sale right now.