Super Dangerous Wad-Wad Edition of Saints Row 4 revealed - yours for $1million

Includes plastic surgery and a trip to space. We're not kidding.

As limited editions go, we're pretty confident the newest edition of the upcoming Saints Row 4 has them all beat for sheer ludicrousness. Deep Silver have teamed up with Game to offer a truly limited edition of the game that'll set you back a cool million dollars.

Dubbed the Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition, this set of contents has us double checking we haven't slipped into a virtual reality constructed by alien beings as the Third Street Saints have in the game itself.

There's your standard (as much as it can be called that) full sized replica of the game's dubstep gun, then there's a week for two at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington, DC, a further week in Dubai, a personal shopper, a spy training day, a "Hostage Rescue Experience", a capsule wardrobe, a Toyota Prius and a Lamborgini - along with a year's membership into a super car club - all included in the package.

If that wasn't flashy enough, the package even contains the offer of "plastic surgery" and an honest-to-goodness flight into space with Virgin Galactic. Oh, and of course you'll also get a Commander-in-Chief Edition of the game itself.


The pack is exclusive to the UK, but will cost you a million US dollars at whatever the exchange rate is when you purchase - a quick Google tells me that's a cool £644,621 at the time of writing, which you could use to get 18,417 standard copies of the game and still have enough left over to take out a subscription of our very own OXM magazine.

Would you pick up the Wad Wad Edition if you had the cash to splash? What would be in your perfect collector's edition? Let us know in the comments.