Xbox One exclusives: Phil Spencer talks assembling Microsoft's biggest line-up ever

Forza, Quantum Break, reinventing television and reviving Killer Instinct

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Did you always anticipate updating it post-release?
Absolutely. This is the epitome of games as a service: something that starts small. It'll be like World of Tanks, where with one player it's not so interesting but then it grows and grows. The community will be updating, and this is something that we're invested in and we're definitely looking at growing it over time.

How much longer will you be supporting the Xbox 360?
Years. Last generation was different for us, we moved pretty quickly. This time, you will see us staying committed to the Xbox 360. I think it's a great platform. In certain areas, like trying to switch apps quickly, it shows that it was built in a different era, but in terms of the price point, the content library - I don't have the stats, but I bet it's the largest content library ever created in the history of the game space. So it's a great time even now to get into the Xbox 360 ecosystem. It's something we'll remain committed to on the content side as well as the platform itself.


We're holding out for Crackdown 3.
I'm going to bite my tongue.

We still believe!
I do too. I do too.

By Corey Cohen, Jon Hicks and Francesca Reyes. Ed recently dissected Xbox One's launch game line-up, to find out which title you should buy first - check out his conclusions here.

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