Thief producer says Xbox One version isn't about "pushing more polygons"

Also reckons "technical limitation can be a good thing"

Creating Thief for Xbox One isn't just a question of turning all the dials up to 11, producer Stephane Roy has told OXM - it's about using that technology to create a believable world. The modern lust for ever-superior photorealism can be as frustrating as it is empowering, he went on to explain.

"It's not a question of pushing more polygons, but convincing you that you are part of this city," he said. Thief takes place in a steampunk metropolis where skulduggery is as commonplace as grocery shopping, much of it perpetuated by your character Garrett, a master infiltrator and wielder of blunt implements.


The last Thief game, Deadly Shadows, came out nine years ago. Roy admitted that finding the balance between what fans loved about the original games and modernisation had been "challenging". "We had to find a team," he said. "It was really important for us to understand what Thief is. But at the same time, it's really important that if it's your first time playing the game you won't be penalised."

What has Roy learned in the course of all this? "That sometimes technical limitation can be a good thing. A long time ago, it was either dark or light. Today, it's real life. But it does make things more complicated for us. We have to create a [world] you have to be able to read, but if it's too black and white you won't believe in it."

Purists will be able to turn off certain of the game's aids, he added, for a fuss-free stealth experience.

Watch out for more on Thief later today. Here's our most recent preview, which ends with the line "this first look suggests it'll live up to the similarly complicated Deus Ex". Me like.