Rocksmith 2014 lessons getting an upgrade, will be "much more dynamic and responsive"

Nearly triple the amount of lessons compared to the original game promised

Ubisoft are gearing up to release the latest edition of their guitar tutoring software in Rocksmith 2014 and are keen to emphasise that the new version is more than just a yearly update of songs by giving the lessons a thorough tune-up.

In a post on the Ubisoft blog, Senior Community Developer Michael Madavi details how Ubisoft San Francisco has recorded all new tutorials in a much higher definition than the previous games, and have expanded the number of techniques showcased to nearly triple the number of lessons.


Furthermore, Ubisoft has also promised to improve the clarity of the tutorials for techniques compared to the original game. In the 2014 edition, lessons are promised to be "much more dynamic and responsive", being able to tell you exactly how you're going wrong and how to correct yourself accordingly. If you're still struggling, the game will drop you out of the interactive portion to guide you with additional videos and advice.

Madavi also confirms in the comments that the game is not currently in development for the next gen consoles, so Rocksmith 2014 drops just for the Xbox 360 and other current-gen systems in October.

How did you find the original Rocksmith, and did you find it useful for learning guitar? Do these improvements tempt you in grabbing this year's iteration? Sing your heart out in our comments.