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Shinji Mikami sees horror potential in Xbox One controller's motorised triggers

Also sold on Kinect face-reading, but no specific ideas to share just yet

Let's be honest with ourselves: Tango Gameworks' accomplished-feeling but obviously derivative The Evil Within probably isn't going to jump-start survival horror's frail heart on next generation consoles. Unless, perhaps, it can make use of those consoles in ways we're not accustomed to. Here's Shinji Mikami with some very brief thoughts on that, plucked from an interview in our latest issue, which goes on sale tomorrow.

Microsoft's overhauled Kinect - which is now capable of reading and responding to facial expressions - has caught Mikami's eye. "If the new sensor is accurate enough to capture people's facial expressions, then we could be able to utilise it," he told us. "That's something I'd maybe like to use at some point."


The rumble motors in Xbox One's triggers also hold promise. "That's a new way to physically touch the player. I don't have a specific idea for that at the moment, but I should be able to utilise it. Fingers are very, very sensitive, so it's a good feature."

Naturally, we pushed for a bit more on the whys and wherefores, but Mikami wasn't budging. That could just be the usual problem with conducting an interview through a PR-conscious translator, which tends to result in heavily abbreviated quotes. Or it could be that Mikami doesn't want to... spoil things.

I didn't conduct this interview, but I somehow imagine him smiling with quiet malevolence as he says the words: "very, very sensitive". Any anxieties of your own to share? The Evil Within launches in 2014 for current gen, next gen and PC.