World of Tanks Xbox One is a "no-brainer" once Microsoft sells enough consoles

"Technologically it's easy," says Wargaming CEO

Sprawling, chunkily authentic free-to-play sim World of Tanks is Xbox 360 and PC-only for the moment, but CEO victor Kislyi sees no reason why it shouldn't gravitate to Xbox One, once the installed base is large enough.

Questions of installed base are particularly important when it comes to free-to-play games, which need a massive potential audience in order to earn revenue either indirectly or by way of microtransactions. "Let's be realistic here," Kislyi told OXM in an exclusive, massive World of Tanks preview, which you'll read in our latest issue (out 2nd August).

"First of all, it's not yet released," he said. "Second of all, we can see from the previous generation of consoles - from Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo - that it does take time to get a big enough installed base. Right now Xbox Live has 47 million members, right?"


World of Tanks for Xbox 360 will launch later this summer. Already a huge success on PC, the game has been carefully tailored for console by F.E.A.R. 3 developer Day One Studios, now the property of You can expect "all the usual Xbox Live trappings", including party chat and Achievements, plus new graphical effects care of Day One's Despair engine.

Xbox 360 games aren't compatible with Xbox One, which utilises a completely different processing architecture, but the latter's similarity to PC means that Wargaming and Day One should have little trouble porting it over. "Technologically it's easy, it's a no-brainer," Kislyi told us. "When they release and get a bit of muscle, we should do it. When the time comes, I don't see any obstacles."

Read more about the Xbox 360 edition in our recently published preview, and much, much more in the new issue, which also contains extensive coverage of The Elder Scrolls Online, Xbox One exclusive Below and Battlefield 4.

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