Microsoft's Xbox One devkit policy is "wonderful", says Minecraft creator

"This makes is easier for both the developer and for Microsoft," Notch observes

Markus "Notch" Persson - consummate hat-wearer, Minecraft creator and multi-millionaire - heartily approves of Microsoft's decision to make every retail Xbox One a potential devkit, as reported by Edge.

"I think it's a wonderful idea to have the actual box be the dev kits," Notch told the site. "This makes is easier for both the developer and for Microsoft, and presumably they could make it a lot cheaper since they'd only sell unlock codes.


"I realize there are other factors at play here, though, like a perceived need to make sure only 'legitimate' developers get access to it, so a monetary barrier might still be in place."

Had Notch said this about half-an-hour ago, I'd have added his thoughts to this feature on the questions Microsoft needs to answer at Gamescom in August. That's what you get for tardiness, Notch.

This is obviously quite the endorsement, given that Minecraft is both one of the most successful games ever made and one of the most successful game creation platforms ever made. It's coming to Xbox One, you know.