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Xbox One "will be awesome", says Warframe studio - "we'd be silly not to consider" releasing for it

Darkness 2 developer praises Microsoft indie policy change

I've spent quite a lot of today hounding innocent, hard-working independent developers for their thoughts on last night's Xbox One indie policy change. Those who've responded include Digital Extremes, creator of The Darkness 2, Star Trek: The Videogame and most recently Warframe, a free-to-play squad shooter for PC, PS4 and... Xbox One? Well, it's certainly not outside the bounds of probability.

"We would love to see Warframe on Xbox One, the ball is in Microsoft's court with regards to allowing titles on their system that come from an independent developer and not an established publisher," the company's vice-president of publishing Meridith Braun told OXM last week.


That's a wish that appears to have been granted, pending specifics, so I asked Meridith for an update. Here it is.

"We're happy to see Microsoft shift its attitude on independent development for their new system. We'd be silly not to consider Warframe for Xbox One now. The system itself will be awesome and now the landscape of games that it supports has just become limitless. Exciting times."

So there you have it. For more on Warframe, check out the official website. For more about the intricacies of Xbox One development, peruse our latest interview with Microsoft hardware chiefs.