Microsoft doesn't want to limit indie Xbox One RAM access - everybody gets "full pool of resources"

Microsoft Studios boss denies claim that self-publishing system has limits

There's a report doing the rounds that Microsoft's support for self-publishing on Xbox One only applies to the console's Windows-derived partition, which is used chiefly for apps such as movie services and Skype. That's not the idea at all, according to Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer.

The contrary claim comes from Brian Provinciano, developer of the excellent Retro City Rampage (via Engadget). "I'm very happy to see this. After all of the developers have spoken out, they're finally listening. However, this is yet another example of them changing policy, but it sounding better than it is when the whole story is revealed.


"Make no mistake; while this is a great thing, it's again not the equivalent to what other platforms offer. On PS4, for example, developers can tap right into the system; use every bit of RAM and all of its power. Indies have access to everything that the AAA studios do, from platform support to development and release.

"The indication on Xbox One is that it's essentially XBLIG 2.0. Instead of XNA, it's Windows 8. Windows 8, which is already struggling to gain developer interest, will gain a boost from developers wishing to target the console. However, it won't be as full-fledged as published games on the system."

Asked to confirm or deny this, Spencer Tweeted the following.

He also shed a bit more light on how game "discoverability" on Xbox One will work - an important question, given the lack of prominence allotted to the Xbox Live Indie channel on Xbox 360.

Finally, there's the following defence of cloud processing (one of Xbox One's more-touted USPs).

Any thoughts from you lot?