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Twisted Pixel is creating new IP alongside Xbox One launch game LocoCycle

"Yeah, it'd be awesome to just churn out sequels all day," but new IP is dev's strongest suit

Twisted Pixel has confirmed that it's working on a second game besides LocoCycle, the madcap bike 'em up for Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The project is a new IP, and will probably run on Twisted's legendary Beard engine, notable for powering Kinect exclusive The Gunstringer. And for being called "Beard".

Speaking to Joystiq, Twisted Pixel marketing director Jay Stuckwisch also revealed that the Xbox One version has been in development for "probably about six months or so".


Was there pressure to release the game at launch? "I wouldn't say pressure. We've always wanted to do a launch title. We felt really strongly that LocoCycle would be a really good launch title. It's our biggest game to date, definitely."

Echoing Press Play's co-founder Mikkel Thorsted, who touted Microsoft's "microstudio" approach in a recent OXM chat, Stuckwisch is pleased with how the relationship with the manufacturer is panning out.

"They're actually doing this thing with the acquisition that's called the 'light touch approach,' where they're basically just... they came in, they bought us and we keep doing what we do. It's business as usual," he said.

"Every once in a while, Microsoft pops down here just to check in and say 'hey' and eat some barbecue, and then they're back on their way to Seattle. So yeah, it's been good."

As for future projects, Stuckwisch doesn't see Twisted Pixel as a sequel factory. "We've got so many game ideas we want to do. Yeah, it'd be awesome to just churn out sequels all day, but we really feel like our strong suit is coming up with these new characters and these new stories and these new worlds."

And the Beard engine? "We're pretty much sticking with it right now. We do look at other options, just to see what's out there and, obviously, keep abreast of what the new technologies [are] and stuff like that. But, everybody is so familiar with how Beard is working internally in the studio right now, that right now that's our engine of choice."

Watch this video, and tell me you aren't delighted.