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Epic reveals the Gears of War Lancer prototypes it threw away

Behind the creation of the Xbox 360's most iconic weapon

Call of Duty might be the more popular shooter, but it's hard to think of a Call of Duty gun that stands comparison with Gears of War's laughably thuggish Lancer - the ultimate marriage of ranged and close-up carnage. Still, the Lancer wasn't always so impressive. It used to have a pizza cutter glued to the barrel.

Epic's just posted a fan write-up of the weapon's creation, which contains a number of prototype renders and artworks. The weapon was apparently deemed too "gruesome" to include at one point, but thankfully, bloodlust prevailed over squeamishness. Hit the big image to start the gallery.


Gears of War's been conspicuous by its absence of late. Microsoft says the Xbox One version will take some time, and Epic would rather talk about multiplatform projects and team sizes for the moment. The studio has a blockbuster triple-A shooter in the works, which may or may not be new IP.

What do you think of the snaps? And how do you think Epic - or any other developer, for that matter - could one-up the Lancer on next generation consoles? I'd go for something with a blender attached to the stock, used to purée foes who can then be consumed in order to replenish health. Or I don't know, a pop-out corkscrew or something.