Digital Extremes "would love to see Warframe on Xbox One"

It all depends on Microsoft's indie publishing policy

Darkness 2 and Star Trek: The Videogame developer Digital Extremes isn't against releasing forthcoming free-to-play shooter Warframe on Xbox One, but Microsoft will need to change its current Xbox Live publishing policies first, vice-president of publishing Meridith Braun has told OXM.

"We would love to see Warframe on Xbox One, the ball is in Microsoft's court with regards to allowing titles on their system that come from an independent developer and not an established publisher," Braun commented in a brief statement.

As we've written ad nauseum, Microsoft currently requires developers to partner with a publisher or Microsoft Studios itself in order to release games on the Xbox Live Marketplace. This entails additional expense on the part of said developers, as publishers will take a cut of the associated revenues, but Microsoft insists that it's necessary in order to ensure a certain level of quality.


"We look at a curated ecosystem as important to us, so simply opening doors and saying that any form of content can show up on the Xbox? I don't know we're comfortable with that," Studios boss Phil Spencer told OXM during our first look at Xbox One this spring.

Microsoft has, however, demonstrated an openness to change on this and other fronts. The firm dumped a policy of charging developers to update their games earlier in the year, and its commitment to developers may be deduced from the announcement of a studio incubation scheme at the recently formed Lift London.

Speaking to OXM at the Kodu Kup finals this month, Lionhead's Gary Carr hinted at further announcements. "I certainly know that Microsoft want to talk at future press events about their relationships with indies. I can't really talk about that, but they're very passionate about building a strong relationship with indie development - indie development is the future."

New to Warframe? It's a sci-fi affair built for four-man squads, supported by microtransactions, which is currently down for release on PS4 and PC. Find PC beta footage below.