The Witcher 3 director says open world is "not the main feature of the game"

"What we excel at is reaching that center of the brain that's responsible for evoking emotions"

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt may round off the story of Geralt, but the developers at CD Projekt aren't going to let him go quietly into the night. In fact, they may be creating one of the most in-depth RPGs ever seen on a console.

In an interview with Stick Skills, Game Director Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has said how "The quest per pixel (we should trademark this!) metric is as high as it's humanly possible in The Witcher 3."


"We're willing to go very far make side-quests seamless and coherent with the whole world you'll get to explore. Nothing is generic; we try to avoid clichés as much as we can. There's a lot of hard work involved as everything is being done by hand, we try to give every NPC a convincing backstory and every part of the land a bit of their own folklore."

In a contrast to Ubisoft's comments last week that open worlds were the future of gaming, Tomaszkiewicz prefers to play The Witcher 3's open world setting down, saying: "The Witcher 3 is a story-oriented experience. What we excel at is reaching that center of the brain that's responsible for evoking emotions - we constantly put stuff in and observe a full palette of gamers' reactions. Sapkowski created a really believable and dark universe and this is something really unique to us.

In this regard, adding the open world to The Witcher is just another step to make it a more complete experience and not the main feature of the game. We're still focusing on the narrative, the world just got a lot bigger and the borders within it disappeared."

Konrad has also offered some information about changes to combat in The Witcher 3, saying "The fighting will be more intimate and the pace will be a bit slower making the whole experience less chaotic and more tactical. We've had several approaches to what we thought would be the sweet spot of a superior combat mechanic and this time, with all lessons learned, we think we nailed it."


If you remember, combat was one of the things Ed wanted addressing in his list of six things that The Witcher 3 must do. What are your thoughts on open worlds and does CD Projekt have the right idea? Over to you.