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More Dragon Age: Inquisition details - exploration, world choices, dialogue systems, enemies

Conversations will be subtler, levels larger and more diverse

Bit by bit, Dragon Age: Inquisition is taking on the semblance of a living, breathing videogame, with tangible ingredients. Various BioWare heads have shed more light on the 2014-bound RPG at a PAX Australia panel, attended by members of the BioWare Social forums. Thanks to NeoGAF for spotting it.

There's a fair amount of fluff in there, all the same - what I consider to be the key new developments are as follows. First, off the designers are changing up the dialogue system, having taken on-board suggestions that prior games too-often presented players with simplistic binary choices.


The details are still being finalised, but it's possible there will be more scope for influencing the flow of conversation via your stats and the presence of companions. Dialogue may also evolve more dramatically based on previous choices, and BioWare is looking into reducing the discrepancy between the text options you're given and what a character actually says.

As documented, the player stars as an Inquisitor, boss of - you guessed it - the Inquisition, and a person capable of impacting the world in an extreme and lasting way. Remember that bit from the E3 trailer (below), when you see Varric in a village full of corpses? That's the outcome of a choice you might make, rather than an inevitable turn of events.

BioWare aims to rediscover the pioneering ethos of its older RPGs, with much more exploration and a greater diversity of landscapes (care of next generation hardware). These include desert, swamps, mountains, grasslands, ruins and snowy locations. Two new enemies are confirmed: a hulking, crystalline demon armed with a giant club, and a skeletal entity known as a Nightmare.

And that's your lot. Read our October 2012 feature on the game's plot, setting and mechanics for more - there's precious little there that's no longer relevant. Get a move on and release another trailer, BioWare.