Seven PC games we want on Xbox One

Aoife ponders the console ports that might yet be

Microsoft reaped considerable returns by porting Minecraft to Xbox 360 last year, and the company is poised to do it yet again with World of Tanks, which launches on console later this summer.

Are there any other PC success stories that deserve a place on console - perhaps even a next generation console? I've had a think, and come up with seven contenders.

1. Black and White
I'll be honest, I always much preferred the adventurous real-time strategy game Black and White to Lionhead's better known franchise, Fable. It's charming, it's challenging, and there's just something deeply satisfying (and ego-boosting) about playing the role of an omnipotent god, lording it over my minions, teaching my Creature to do my bidding, and watching as more primitive races are converted to my creed.


Over 12 years since the original's release, it's probably about time the franchise saw the light of day on consoles, especially since it has several features that we reckon could fit perfectly on the Xbox One. You could use Kinect's motion controls to either praise or punish your Creature, and players could jump in and visit their friends' worlds to vie for control of several villages or send their creatures in to do battle with one another. Perhaps new console features could be added too, allowing players to design their own multiplayer maps or customise their temples.

2. Canabalt
Infinite city escape thriller Canabalt is the perfect execution of a sublimely simple idea. There may be thousands other endless runners out there on a multitude of platforms, but this is the one we just keep coming back to, thanks in large part to its mysterious premise. Providing it's free to play, perhaps even pre-installed, Canabalt would be a welcome treat on our Xbox One.


Say you're killing time, waiting for a friend to join an online shooter or waiting for your favourite TV show to start. The Xbox One's partitioned OS and ability to "snap" between games and apps means you could run Canabalt on the Windows partition while you wait. Its procedurally generated world means that a game can last for as long as you want it to. Perhaps Microsoft could add SmartGlass support, too - after all, Canabalt is already available on Windows Phone.

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