Xbox One: 15 things you need to know

More irreverent commentary from Log and Gav

Sick of hearing about the Xbox One yet? Weary of our unrelenting deluge of next gen news? Ah, but we've saved up the best details for last in the form of the below video, created by Log and Gav "Village Bicycle" Murphy, Future's roaming video producer.

It is, let's be clear, entirely grounded in fact, and not some concoction of idiocy we've brewed up to regale ourselves with as the traditional summer news-drought sets in. For more of this kind of thing, check out the latest OXM Breakdown. Alternatively, remove that tongue from your cheek and read this piece about Xbox One's super-intelligent Reputation system. There are fewer hoots and hollers, more references to hell.

All joking aside, is there anything in particular you really want to know about Xbox One at this point?